Bed Bug and Mold Detection Dogs


Bed bugs making a comeback around the globe. This presents a problem for people who love or have to travel.  They hitch a ride on your clothing, suitcases, furniture and even cell phones are suitable for them.   

You can book our bed bug detection dogs to search for instance:

  • your complete home 
  • antiques you purchased
  • luggage after travelling 
  • after deployment
  • shipping boxes
  • and much more.....

Well trained dogs sniff out bed bugs very reliably.  The K9 Team is fast and cost effective.  Before we sent the dog searching, the handler performs a full visual inspection. When our dogs indicate positive for bed bugs we will conduct a second visual to verify the result.  

We also offer the service of Mold Detection Dogs.  The K9 is trained on common toxic mold we receive from a laboratory in Berlin.

For more information please contact me via phone ore email.